“Republican party threatens the Court?” (video)

Today at Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun administrative areas court the policemen, who were the participants of the incident in Komitas 5 on August 24, 2013, gave evidence.

Must a policeman arrest Republican party members who closed the road, if they held a meeting? Today during regular trial on the criminal case against Argishti Kiviryan, this question directed to the policeman remained unanswered for Kiviryan’s lawyers.

The judge took out the question, “For what? Republican party threatens the court?”- said Argishti Kiviryan’s lawyer Lusine Sahakyan and the judge responded that the question must refer to the concrete case.

The policemen giving evidence said that Kiviryan was an organizer of the action so they arrested him. Argishti Kiviryan refused commenting on policemen’s claims. Instead, he noted that the policemen falsify the reality, “They haven’t learnt their lesson well.”

Lusine Sahakyan claimed that the policemen weren’t given order, “The policemen did everything interfering people’s liberty to held meetings,”- she noted.

On August 24 the policemen must do one thing, they must close the road letting cars pass so that the action participants could held the meeting. The lawyer is sure, “Closing the road is within meetings freedom right set by European Court and it doesn’t violate the rights of others, so the state doesn’t have right to interfere,”- said Mrs. Sahakyan.