“Guitar was replaced with drum, so what?” (video)

Cosmetic but not political changes. It is the best that extra-parliamentary powers can expect from the Government of Hovik Abrahamyan, “We just can say that the guitar was replaced with the drum, there is no serious, essential difference,”- thinks Armenian conservative party head Mikael Hayrapetyan, and a member of pre- parliament, film director Tigran Khzmalyan adds, “Hovik Abrahamyan embodies the stagnation, which has taken place in our country for years.”

If Tigran Khzmalyan thinks that there is no real opposition in Armenia, Mikael Hayrapetyan claims that there is no independent policy in the country, “What Moscow orders, it is done here.”

While some promise hot political summer, Tigran Khzmalyan claims that political severe winter is not over. Instead, extra-parliamentary powers suggest their political spring and summer, “Armenia will really become an independent country, and the fourth republic will be created if we aren’t Moscow colony,”- thinks Mikael Hayrapetyan and Tigran Khzmalyan says, “We have political winter, March 1, 2008 remained with us. There must be a reform, which won’t be positions’ change, but the change of economic, social and political system killing our country.”