Russia provided 1.4 billion dollars to Turkey for building first nuclear power plant

  Voice of America

Russia provided 1.39 billion dollars to Turkey to build the first nuclear power plant near Akkuyu area.

According to the officials of Akkuyu NGS company, which is a branch of Russian state Rosatom nuclear company in Turkey, after approving the environmental impact assessment report, construction and infrastructure development works of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey will get faster.

According to Hurriyet magazine, Akkuyu NGS project will cost 20 billion dollars and equipments worth 3.5 billion dollars will be used during the construction, 1.8 billion dollars of which will be used already in this year.

It is expected that the first nuclear power plant in Turkey will be launched in 2023.

Turkey takes active measures to reduce annual 60 billion dollars expenses spent on energy carriers and electricity imports.

On Friday Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz informed that Ankara turned to Russia with a request to increase underwater “Blue stream” gas pipeline capacity.