Theatre-X festival to focus on regional theatres (video)

The 7th Republican Theatre Festival “Theatre-X” kicks off on April 11. The organisers say during the festival they are going to pay more attention to regional theatres.

“This is one of the most popular and efficient theatrical festivals in the sense that the results are later used for festival ranking,” Artur Poghosyan, Deputy Culture Minister of Armenia, said during the press conference dedicated to the festival opening.

The official also stressed the fact that all performances are watched by a group of professionals who later analyze the results and express their opinions.

“It enables the group to make some changes and include new approaches in the festival,” said the Ministry official.

Festival president Ara Khzmalyan added, in turn, that the festival is an attempt to reveal young creative groups.

“The list includes groups I had no idea about. This encouraged us to develop a project for supporting young actors,” he said.