Raffi Hovannisian: Let April 9 be the day of my self-denial (video)

Exactly a year ago, on these days, Leader of the opposition Heritage Party Raffi Hovannisian was holding protests against the inauguration of Serzh Sargsyan, which, Hovannisian said, would mark the ‘dawn of a new Armenia.’ On April 9, 2013, Raffi Hovannisian held an ‘inauguration’ at which he rejected the legitimacy of Serzh Sargsyan who took the oath of office for a second term.

“I do not regret and I do not apologize for preventing bloodshed on that day. My citizens are very dear to me.  Let April 9 be the day of my self-denial and memorial service,” Hovannisian said at Liberty Square today.

He says it is time to act. “It is not important whether there is a quartet or trio in parliament. It is more important to listen to Armenian citizens who call for consolidation and resolution of problems in joint efforts. If we do not jointly solve the problems this month, we shall enter the next phase in May,” said the Heritage leader.