Opinion: How can an oligarch be affiliated with opposition in Armenia? (video)

Prime ministers in Armenia do not step down unexpectedly as in our country the post brings benefits,  Sos Gimishyan, Chairman of the Christian-Democratic Revival party, told a press conference on Wednesday.

He says the opposition quartet could not influence the change of the premier. “The resignation was determined by outer factors; rather, it was connected with Tigran Sargsyan’s pro-Western orientation. Now we need a prime minister will be able to establish relations with the Customs Union. to strengthen his position, Serzh Sargsyan needs to form a government that will receive the approval of Russia,” he said.

Republican MP Sukias Avetisyan claims that Tigran Sargsyan handed in his resignation at his own initiative and ‘the next prime minister cannot simply deviate from the course of the Republican Party.’

Regarding the desire of the two non-coalition forces – Prosperous Armenia Party and Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) – to be represented in the new coalition, Mr Avetisyan said his party has not made such a proposal to any political force.

In his turn, Sos Gimishyan added that neither of the parties can be a true opposition force. “How can an oligarch be affiliated with opposition in Armenia?” he said.