Policeman shouldn’t carry political order (video)

In our country human rights violations are connected with the name of RF President Vladimir Putin and his visit on December 2, 2013. After the decision of joining the CU, RA Police takes serious measures during the actions and marches against it. It was evident on December 2, when 110 citizens were arrested,”- in “Ayb-fe” hall, speaking about policeman-citizen relationships during the actions, noted civil activist, public speaker Zaruhi Hovhannisyan.

She finds that in policeman-citizen relationships the policeman must take the role of law defender and shouldn’t carry political order.

“On December 2, policemen carried political order,”- said the public speaker.

According to her words, there is a great difference between December 2 and other actions, “There were rude actions, but there wasn’t such precedent in terms of isolation. Violence continued also among Police.”