Media specialist: “The balloon of news websites will burst”

News websites will be reduced in Armenia, as there are no elections in the near future. And then they will increase, as part of the websites in our country opened during elections. Media specialist Samvel Martiroyan expressed his idea today during Armenian Youth Foundation conference. “The balloon of news websites will burst,”- he noted.

Samvel Martirosyan said that the number of news websites is already reducing and it will continue during the next year. At least now there aren’t new websites every week. “The fact, that some officials understood that opening website is better, works against it,”- said the media specialist.

According to Martirosyan, the fact, that competition field created by disappeared, will result in the reduction of websites. On it was possible “to fight against each other” by “buying traffic”. “Hysteria passed,”- said Samvel Martirosyan.

He noted that today advertisers have begun to choose websites in a civilized way, use Google Analytics data, to pay attention whether people enter only the first page of the website to see Kim Kardashyan’s photo, or they also read political news, thus is it worth spending resources on that website. Website readers have also started to differentiate the media.

Samvel Martirosyan also noted that there was media revolution in Armenia. There were 2-3 news websites in the country 10 years ago and an average Armenian using the Internet was informed about events in Armenia mainly from Azerbaijani online media. Now Armenians are mostly informed from domestic media.