Botulism case in Kotayk region

A botulism case was recorded in Kotayk region Mrgashen village on April 2 with 2 affected. Epidemiological studies have shown that on April 1, in the morning, the affected used canned vegetables at home. After 3-4 hours there were signs of botulism, 17-years-old Vahe Sahakyan had severe stomach cramps, nausea, repeated vomiting, voice change, ingestion act disorder, eyelids drop, suffocation.

The next day the patient was taken to “Armenia” medical center, where he immediately got anti-botulinum serum.

Goharik Sahakyan, patient’s mother (44 years old), had nutritional disorders later, nausea, vomiting, ingestion act disorders. On April 4 she was also taken to “Armenia” medical center and got anti-botulinum serum.

The patients’ treatment is on the process.

For avoiding botulism, RA Health Ministry warns:

• Avoid using homemade canned food

• Boil homemade canned food before using for 20-25 minutes

• Don’t buy homemade canned food from market or unknown people

• When first symptoms appear, turn to doctor

Health Ministry