How will Tigran Sargsyan be remembered? (video)

Tigran Sargsyan is the 11th prime minister in Armenia to resign according to his own initiative and application. Most of his predecessors were relieved of their duties by a presidential decree.

Tigran Sargsyan was appointed to the position in April 2008 after serving as Chairman of the Central Bank for about ten years. While working in the CBA, he sold out Armenia’s gold reserves to Great Britain.

During his tenure of office as Prime Minister, Tigran Sargsyan could only develop the culture of seat belts.  While he was in office, the cost of living went up several times, emigration reached unprecedented rates, appeared in the focus of an offshore scandal and unpopular reforms were made in the pension system which led to his resignation.

On April 3, Tigran Sargsyan submitted his resignation which was accepted by Serzh Sargsyan during a sitting of the announced ruling Republican Party of Armenia later in the day.

For more details, watch the video.