Next premier can be non-Republican candidate, says Armen Ashotyan (video)

Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan turned out to be unaware of the fact that Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan tendered resignation to Serzh Sargsyan a month ago. However, he says the resignation has proved that ‘the formation of the Cabinet depends on the decisions of the political majority and the country’s leader.’

Asked whether he sees himself in the new government, Mr Ashotyan said, “I am linked to the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) and I believe it is enough for you to understand that you cannot get rid of me.”

The Minister said there are many worthy people who can pretend to be prime minister, but he does not want to give names. “Being the backbone of the political arena, I think the HHK can afford such a ‘luxury’ and agree that the new premier be a non-Republican candidate,” said Mr Ashotyan.