“I am against” team concern and call (video)

Following the comments on RA CC decision on 02.04.2014, we noted that RA CC member made contradicting announcements: first, CC member said during “ArmNews” TV “Banadzev” program that the citizens born after 1974 may not pay funds, but those citizens who have already paid before the CC decision, may demand their money from the Government. The Government must return that money till September 30.

After an hour, during “Shant” TV “Horizon” program CC same member noted that the payments necessarily must be done, when new law is developed, it is possible, that the money is  recalculated and the citizens continue paying funds according to the new law.

We note that “ArmNews” TV program was removed from all sources, but Facebook users, who are against funded pensions law, could find it and put on Facebook group.

We express our concern over CC member’s contradicting announcements. Avoiding estimations on the reasons for contradicting announcements, we call state bodies to avoid from CC decision comments, which can cause confusion and legal uncertainty in the society.

Here are videos

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  “I am against” team