“CC wanted to do something good, but it turned out as always”: lawyer (video)

“CC wanted to do something good, but it turned out as always,”- noted lawyer Norayr Norikyan in the conversation with “A1+” explaining CC yesterday’s  decision.

Various explanations of CC decision are continuing. Norayr Norikyan understood that till September 30 mandatory pension funds from the employees are subject to refund, “If the state or so called funds refuse, people have right to take their money back by all legal means.”

Norayr Norikyan is sure that state’s Higher Court decision was not free of pressures.

“Our Executive power has initiated a fundamental project, which also has interested parties abroad. Don’t forget the US Ambassador’s joy over the implementation of this idea. In this idea even RA authorities are not free.”

The lawyer sees the solution of the issue not in the legal, but the political field. Whether funded  pension system with mandatory component is needed, when 80 percent of the people born after 1974, who are subject to the law, are against it.

Today most of the lawyers and constitutionalists avoided giving explanations, saying that CC yesterday’s decision reminds a swamp.