“The Government misleads the public”: “I am against” team (video)

Government members mislead the public, announce “I am against” civil initiative members and urge the public ignore the words of Executive body representatives, “The Government after the decision of the CC spread misleading information through different media. We call the public not to accept Government representatives’ announcements as a basis,”- note the members of the initiative.

According to them, the CC decision was in favor of the public, “I am engineer and all the products must be examined for several times and then be released. Now I wonder at the behavior of the Government, in fact 10 years’ law has many anti- constitutional provisions. The most important project of the Executive is anti-constitutional, after all these, Government members must have apologized at least,”- said initiative member Vahagn Avagyan.

“I am against” will continue the struggle unless the Government removes the mandatory component. To journalists’ question whether the initiative is ready to dialogue with the Executive, Harutyun Arlamanyan answered, “If the Government doesn’t want to remove the mandatory component, there can’t be any dialogue.”

Speaking about the cooperation with four non-governmental powers, “I am against” team announces that the format won’t be changed, “The cooperation will remain as it has been.”

Today Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan before the Government session announced that funded pensions’ law has power from January 1 to September 30, 2014, the date, which was set by the CC. “I am against” team members rejected commenting on Prime Minister’s words, “Our lawyers now examine the CC decision, after several days we will have press conference and will answer all the questions.”

By the way, “I am against” will have gathering on April 12, but the format is not clear yet, “Now we have discussions. Whether it will be meeting or march, is not clear yet, we will provide additional information,”- said initiative member Hayk Avetisyan.