New culture of movie watching is offered (video)

“Fresko” modern art and spiritual movies international festival presentation-conference held.

The organizers note that at the moment about 300 movies have been applied for participation from 25 different countries.

There have been 30 applications from Armenia.

The festival will last 10 days in Yerevan and regions, informed festival president Shahen Nazarenko.

The organizers offer new format of the festival. “It will create new public culture of movie watching in Armenia, there will be simultaneous translations, discussions after watching, the halls will be fitted for people having transportation problems,”- said Shahen Nazarenko.

As a symbol of the festival fish image has been selected, “Fish is a symbol of Christian values, our objective is to support the development of spiritual culture, lack of which we see today in Armenia,”- added spiritual responsible of the festival priest Ter Yesayi Artenyan.