Hayrikyan is angry at ombudsman’s report: “Must Hayrikyan die?” (video)

If four non-governmental powers express distrust to Armenian authorities, National Self-Determination party is ready to support them.

Today during the conversation with the journalists noted AIM leader Paruyr Hayrikyan.

“If there is agreement on one issue, what makes one-month delay? I cite my friend’s words, if we want to change, but don’t say by what, it is an exercise, and I can do exercise by myself,”- he noted.

Turning to the CC decision, the latter noted that it doesn’t give basis for optimism, “We don’t have CC, let’s not deceive ourselves and our citizens.”

Mr. Hayrikyan was mostly angry at HRD report. There was concern in the report on providing large amounts of money for treatment abroad, when there are many people who need medical help. There was an example of RA Government decision by which RA President former candidate Paruyr Hayrikyan was provided 20 millions 500 AMD for treatment abroad.

“It is obscene, that person getting 600 thousands AMD salary, says if it isn’t shameful, that in the country with 45 thousands average salary Hayrikyan is provided treatment. So it is natural, Hayrikyan must die,”- says Hayrikyan.