Opinion: US and EU will understand and forgive Armenia (video)

The crisis in Ukraine has left its mark on Armenia and on the entire region, says Sergey Minasyan, Director of the Caucasus Institute.

“If in the last 20 years Armenia has been trying to balance its position and orientation, today we witness a different picture,” says the political analyst.

The expert says there are serious and influential Armenian communities that have weighty influence in those countries and these countries, in their turn, influence Armenia’s foreign and domestic policy through these communities.

“In the given situation, Russia actually assumes an active role in the post-Soviet space. Russia acts in a different way; its military political position greatly differs from that of the West,” he said.

Speaking about Armenia’s stance on the Crimea referendum Sergey Minasyan said Armenia was to demonstrate a clear-cut position not to encounter any problems in the Karabakh peace process in the future. To ensure its own security Armenia chose to back Russia. The US and European Union will understand and forgive Armenia in time, if they do not forgive, they will forget the occurrence sooner or later.