Armenians in Kessab are in a terrible plight (video)

Armenians in Kessab, an ethnic Armenian-populated town in northwestern Syria, at the border with Turkey, are in a terrible plight, says Aleppo Compatriotic Charitable Organization.

The events in Kessab remain in the focus of attention of Armenians and the organization calls on everyone to join the Save Kessab campaign and fundraising.

“The situation has been tense in Kessab in the past three years and it deteriorated after the attack of Turkish militants,” said Dianna Karazian, a member of the Organization.

Nineteen Armenians, mainly elderly people, still remain in Kessab. About 600 ethnic Armenian families had to flee their homes in Kessab and are currently sheltered in Latakia, which is about 60 kilometers to the south of their native town.

“We met some of them yesterday and I must say that they are in a terrible condition,” said Hakob Kazanjyan, another member of the NGO.

According to the latest reports, 11 Armenians of Kessab are still missing.

Attacks started on March 21, with al-Qaeda-affiliated militants penetrating from Turkish territory into Kessab, a predominantly Armenian-populated town in northwestern Syria. The tragic events of the following days, when the peaceful population became a target of brutal attacks by armed rebels, have raised international concerns. Social networks were immediately filled with petitions to various instances with urges and pleas to “Save Kessab.”