Temporary shelter of elderly woman de-energized (video)

This time Shirak Centre NGO has visited Gyumri citizen Manya Grigoryan, a 93-year-old woman living alone in a rundown ‘domik’ (temporary shelter).

The elderly woman had asked her neighbour to arranger the visit.  The NGO representatives were shocked to find the woman living in the ‘temporary house’ in a hopeless situation. The domik is fully worn out and decayed, and has not been heated for several days. It was de-energized as the elderly woman could not afford to pay the electricity bill, as the relevant bodies explained. Manya Grigoryan says she does not have any debts as a charitable organization has transferred a significant amount of money to heat the house during the winter months. Besides, she spent the winter months with her relatives and did not use so much electricity.

For more details, watch the video of the NGO.