“May be Tsarukyan has seen field privatization tendency” (video)

Political analyst Edgar Vardanyan thinks that NA four powers can’t reach Government resignation in the near future.

“Without serious pressures it won’t be possible to reach resignation in the first round.

Serious result can be achieved only if there is clear agenda. It is possible that the agenda is being formulated today, in which different political and civil powers must participate. But at the moment there isn’t wide participation,”- said the political analyst at “Ayb- Fe”.

According to him no issue can be solved separately, “The issue is that all understand, for public support, it is necessary that several political powers cooperate.”

What refers to BHK leader Gagik Tsarukyan’s demands, the political analyst had difficulty to answer, which kind of process it is by its nature, “There may be different scripts, first, that all these are imitations, that they want to divert the attention from some issues and second, that BHK reviewed its position, which it had in the past,”- noted Edgar Vardanyan, adding that may be Gagik Tsarukyan saw field privatization tendency by Serzh Sargsyan team and in order to stay in the field, he left the game.

“Today no variant can be proved. And for that reason all the variants must be discussed.”