Last year’s loans haven’t been repaid and now the frostbite

In Armavir region Nalbandyan community trees’ fumigating didn’t help as it was terribly cold. Community head Grigor Mkrthchyan said it in the conversation with “A1+”, adding that nothing is left from all types of fruits.

“Only technical species of grapes may be saved from this frost. No one can surely tell it,”- noted village head.

He noted that in case of hail the damage is apparent and protest actions start at once, but the damage from the frostbite isn’t visible so fast.

“Cold penetrated inside, they don’t feel yet. They see that the tree has flowers, but it is nothing, people still don’t imagine that the tree won’t give harvest. People are like asleep, they don’t see anything,”- said Grigor Mkrtchyan.

According to his words, Nalbandyan villagers haven’t repaid last year’s loans, as the Government provided subsidy last year because of hail and the banks agreed to frozen 90 percent of the loans.

Region’s Lernamerdz community head Sahak Mirzoyan told “A1+” that everything was frostbitten in the village, from tarragon to all fruit trees- 18 ha garden. “We have nothing,”- said Sahak Mirzoyan.

According to him, all Lernamerdz villagers have loans and are waiting for community council session tomorrow.