Yesterday Ararat valley was fumigated (video)

The villagers are continuing to fight against cold during these days.

All the night Ararat region Nazaryan family was fumigating apricot trees. Yesterday Araraat valley was being fumigated.

Hamlet Nazaryan is sure that it is impossible to save apricot trees but he hopes that he can save several apricot trees’ undamaged flowers.

The snow has already damaged apricot harvest, assures the villager. He knows by his own experience by keeping the damaged apricot tree branch at room temperature, “Yesterday, when it snowed, I broke an apricot branch and put in the room, after 2 hours most of the apricot flowers got wet, fell, one-two flowers remained,”- tells Nazaryan.

He considers fumigating useless but still does it.

The villager is also fumigating plum and cherry trees and grape vines, “Trees, which don’t have buds, may not be frostbitten,”- noted the gardener.

“We fumigated, but useless,”- says Armavir region Myasnikyan community head Andranik Petrosyan.

“When we were fumigating, it was raining,”- adds Petrosyan.

According to Myasnikyan community head, snow and low temperature damaged 124 ha apricot trees and 60 ha peach trees.

According to him, the damage is great, which will be clear, when Deputy Prime Minister visits Armavir region.