Kiosks are being dismantled: Compensation isn’t promised (video)

On Koryun 10 now kiosks are being dismantled, which, according to the owners, are legally constructed, they have had agreement with the municipality since 2008. But when the owners went to the municipality to refresh the agreements, they were said that all the kiosks must be dismantled.

Now the owners are following how their means of income are being destroyed. One of the kiosks was optics shop, another- food shop, the third Xerox.

As the correspondent of “A1+” informs, the municipality employees don’t answer journalists’ questions, they don’t show the relevant decision, according which the action is being carried out, they advise to turn to Press Department.

By the way, kiosk owners applied to the Court with this issue and on May 5 there must have been the trial but the municipality didn’t wait for the trial. Besides no compensation is promised to the kiosk owners.