Assyrians celebrate their New Year

About 8000 representatives of Assyrian community in Armenia started the day by congratulating each other. Assyrian community celebrates New Year- the holiday of Hab-Nisan.

In the conversation with “A1+” the head of Assyrian community Arsen Mikhayilov noted that they celebrate the holiday with family and friends.

“We gather with friends and groups and go somewhere to celebrate. Because of snow we postponed this year’s event until April 12. We hope that it will be warmer on April 12 and we will celebrate the holiday as we planned.”

According to the custom, the king of Assyrians during 12 days of New Year gives his responsibilities to the ordinary man.

“We spend each day under the name of god. Each day we celebrate our New Year under the name of god and goddess. And on the 12th day the king takes back his responsibilities,”- said Arsen Mikhayilov.

Assyrians New Year- the holiday of Hab-Nisan, symbolizes the awakening of nature and fertility.