The secret of success of our sportsmen

“Before the competition we held 10 days’ training in Khatar. Generally it contributed to the successful performance of boys,”- during today’s conference in this way Armenia Gymnastics team head coach Hakob Serobyan explained our sportsmen’s success at World Cup last tournament.

We remind that our sportsmen won three golden and one silver medals.

Hakob Serobyan also noted that his students will show better results if there are more such trainings and competitions.

“Our financial means don’t let holding trainings even before big competitions. Trainings help us to get ready, develop and complicate exercises, to get acquainted with new training equipments features and so on,”- said renowned specialist.

By the way, Armenian team in Khatar held training with the support of one of the best gymnasts Eduard Gevorgyan, who hosted the team in his house, and besides agreed with Khatar Gymnastics Federation to hold free trainings.

Now our sportsmen are getting ready for European Championship, which will be held on May 25-27 in Sofia. Vigen Khachatryan will be presented at Youth Championship, where Nanjin Youth Olympic Games tickets will be disputed.