Special bank account has been opened to help Kessab Armenians

“Hayastan” pan-Armenian foundation call to all Armenians

Dear compatriots,

Sisters and brothers,

During recent days we are we are witnessing tragic events in Kessab, which remind us the saddest pages of Armenian history. It is evident, that it is humanitarian disaster.

Now in time of hard experience we call all individuals and organizations in Armenia and Diaspora provide moral and financial support to Kessab Armenians living hard days. Special bank account has been opened for it. We call to direct your donations to this account. Our duty is to alleviate the pain and losses of our compatriots.

It is not only the tragedy of Kessab Armenians. It is the issue and challenge of all Armenians.

Your donations can be directed to these bank accounts at Ardshininvestbank:

247010003090 (AMD)

247010003090/0001 (US dollar)


Public Relations Department

“Hayastan” pan-Armenian foundation executive department