There are 364 cheating days in Armenia and one Laughter day: Humorous episodes from great people’s life (video)

There are 364 cheating days in Armenia and one laughter day. Expressed his opinion theatre actor, RA National Artist Nikolay Tsaturyan while speaking about Laughter Day on April 1st.

During today’s press conference, speaking about level of humor in Armenia, Nikolay Tsaturyan noted, that today especially TV humor has become vulgar and coarse. In his opinion the reason for that is the desire to please the audience.

Speaking about humor characteristics in Armenia by regions, he separated Gyumri people humor, “Even the earthquake didn’t break sense of humor in Gyumri people.”

Theatre expert congratulated Armenian great actor Khoren Abrahamyan on his birthday. He remembered some humorous episodes from Khoren Abrahamyan’s, Mher Mkrtchyan’s, Sos Sargsyan’s life.

The video below a bit later