There were predictions about snow: MES representative (video)

During March 30- April 1 in different parts of republican roads 51 incidents of cars’ blocking and traffic jam were recorded, 165 means of transportation and 519 citizens were taken out to the safe zone. Turning to the emergency situation in the republic during recent two days, MES Crisis Management Center Chief Hovhannes Khangeldyan informed the journalists.

According to his words, they were informed in advance that heavy snow was possible and they were ready, relevant information about precipitations was also on the website. According to Khangeldyan, the forecasts were wrong about hail, meteorologists didn’t predict hail.

The latter advised the residents to leave their houses only when it is strictly necessary. “There is no country, where roads are cleaned under cyclone, it is meaningless and is done only in extreme case. In cases of vital importance. Those who clean the roads are at risk as there is poor visibility,”- he reminded.

By the way, Hovhannes Khangeldyan noted once again that in emergency situations the Police was also with them.