“Sevan trout must be bred at least by semi- artificial method”: Aravot (video)

Aravot asked RA NAS Hydroecology and Ichthyology Institute Director Boris Gabrielyan about breeding of fish by artificial methods.

According to B. Gabrielyan, artificial breeding of fish and artificial food rich in nitrogen and phosphorus can endanger already not stable ecosystem of Lake Sevan: “All external interventions may cause serious changes of Sevan ecosystem”. He says that any action done in the country and particularly connected with Sevan, whether it is business or other initiative, must correspond all the standards of environmental protection and mustn’t influence ecosystem. But it doesn’t mean that everything must be rejected, “We mustn’t say that we don’t need anything. We are not in good situation now that we can reject everything, we are in bad condition and we must correct it whether it is business or something else, just all risks must be estimated. Business may not oppose steady development and may not harm environment. The golden mean must be found as a result of which business will develop and the incomes from the business will be used for solution of environmental issues.” To “Aravot” question, when it will be possible to turn to the natural reproduction of fish in Lake Sevan, Boris Gabrielyan’s response was not optimistic, “I think that natural reproduction issue won’t be solved in the near future.”

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