Employees of Opera and Ballet Theatre collect signatures to demand choreographer’s resignation (video)

The chief choreographer of the Alexander Spendiaryan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre has not gone to work for a week. Rudolf Kharatyan says the reason is the tense atmosphere at the Theatre.

“There are some problems with the creative team, but I think that everything will clear up soon,” said Hrach Grigoryan, Acting Head of the Theatre.

While Rudolf Kharatyan is considering his return to the Theatre, the management is discussing the reasons for the heated situation. Kharatyan says he was eager to stage a classical and contemporary ballet for the Armenian audience but our ballet dancers did not like the idea.

“We cannot create art with our street posture. They think I want to cut them off their roots. I just want to explain our youth that we stay behind other countries,” said the choreographer. The dancers do not like the methods of the demanding master either. “They do not attend training for many days, naturally they cannot dance well without training their bodies and muscles,” the specialist said adding that the staff has started collecting signatures to demand his resignation.

Both Rudolf Kharatyan and Hrach Grigoryan believe that the situation will change after the appointment of a new director. The election is slated for April 4.