Employee of Kosh penitentiary institution arrested

Based on the materials prepared and received from the penitentiary institution “Kosh” of RA Ministry of Justice the Special Investigation Service has initiated a criminal case under the 2nd point of the 2nd part of the 266th article, the 2nd point of the 2nd part of the 38-268th article, the 2nd point of the 2nd part of the 34-368th article, the 1st part of the 311th article and the 1st part of the 312th article of the Criminal Code of RA upon illegal sale of narcotic drugs, attempt to purchase, accomplice of purchasing narcotic- marijuana in large amount, receiving bribe by an official, executing special state service in penitentiary institution and giving bribe.

According to the prepared materials, the employee in penitentiary institution “Kosh” of RA Ministry of Justice Narek Mamikonyan, who is an official conducting state special service, entered into agreement with the prisoner of the same institution about assisting him in purchasing narcotic- marijuana, in return for getting bribe.

With the aim of realizing his criminal intention, an unknown man, with the intention of illegal sale of narcotic drugs –marijuana in large amount, previously had left a cigarette pack filled with narcotic and sum of bribe under the signboard, situated at the entry-part of the village Kosh. Due to the prearrangement, on March 19, 2014, at about 22:30 o’clock, Mamikonyan Narek took and personally received the sum of bribe and separating it from the narcotic drugs carried both on him. On the next day, the latter took the narcotic –drugs to his work place- to the territory of penitentiary institution “Kosh” for the purpose to hand it to the prisoner. But he couldn’t fulfill his criminal intention, as on the same day, at about 09:00 o’clock, he was subjected to personal search, during which large amount of marijuana and the sum of bribe were found and confiscated.

Detention has been applied as a measure of preclusion towards Narek Mamikonyan.
Preliminary investigation is underway, the SIS Press Service reports.