Turkish militants pushed back (video)

Part of Kessab Armenians will return to their homeland at the earliest opportunity, says deputy chairman of the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party (SDHK) Armenia office, Syrian Armenian Vazgen Mesropyan.

He assured us that Syrian rebels have forced Turkish militants, whom he called terrorists, out of the settlement.

“About 640 Armenian families live in Kessab. Most of them are engaged in farming and it is very hard for them to leave their homes,” he said.

Vazgen Mesropyan also reminded about the Armenian community in Aleppo where 80 people were killed and many were kidnapped in recent attacks.

More than 600 ethnic Armenian families had to flee their homes in Kessab after armed bands reportedly affiliated with al-Qaeda penetrated from nearby Turkish territory and seized the place after clashes with Syrian government troops. The Armenians took refuge in Basit and Latakia, some 60 kilometers to the south of their community.