Customs clearance amount periods will be changed

Tree working groups have been created in RA Finance Ministry for implementing Armenia Customs Union integration process, RA Finance Minister David Sargsyan said it at “Armenia- Customs Union, Opportunities and Challenges” HHK second economical conference.

They will work with partner countries through those groups. “One of the changes connected with Customs system is Customs formulations. We are to implement all works connected with customs clearance with one principal and we must turn to the principal of presenting declarations through electronic system,”- he said.

Finance Minister also noted that customs clearance amount periods will be changed, “After importing the products all the payments must be done within 10 days, after which the products can pass the clearance. According to CU laws, payments can be postponed by using bank guarantees and other means.”

He also reminded that at the moment the negotiations between Armenia and CU are on the process to reduce customs clearance rates on 900 products imported to Armenia from the third country.