Hail in some places: can’t speak about damage yet

At 14:25, besides Yerevan there was relatively mild hail in Ararat region.

According to Vardashen community head Gevorg Barkhoyan, there was hail in the village for 5 minutes but it was small.

Gevorg Barkhoyan had difficulty to answer how much damage the hail caused to the village, “There may be little damage,”- he noted.

Getapnya community head Mkrtich Azatyan informed that there was hail also in their village, “Tree flowers are damaged,”- notes Mr. Azatyan. According to his words, heavy rain and strong wind will have negative effect on apricot harvest.

According to “A1+”, there wasn’t hail in Armavir region.

Kharakert village head Mher Khlghatyan assured that there wasn’t hail in the region. Though rain and strong wind caused damage to the village, “Wind wholly destroyed the roof of 3 storey building, damaged greenhouses,”- said to “A1+” Kharakert community head.