Plastic foam and other things in the specialized exhibition

The severe winter of this year hinted “Medifis” LTD Director Eduard Hovhannisyan to import sound and heat insulating plastic foam for buildings.

This product was presented at “Construction and Interior” 2014 international specialized exhibition. Though the product is construction, recently, conditioned by construction field decline in Armenia, businessmen work for individuals.

“Today the stress isn’t on the large-scale capital construction, we put stress on individuals,”- said “Medifis” LTD Director Eduard Hovhannisyan.

In the neighboring booth monolithic reinforcement templates were presented, which are produced in Armenia.

“Ankharzh” LTD Deputy Director Garnik Hakobyan thinks that “There aren’t big investments in Armenia, but with right working tactics you can have orders.”

To the question, what the future of business will be after joining Customs Union, “Ankharzh” LTD Deputy Director Garnik Hakobyan answered, “Now we work on it that we can export goods into Russian market and get results.”

You can put any picture on granite, basalt and metal, which suggests “Suno Kvant” company. It can be used for home interior design with machine but worker Ani Hovhannisyan claimed, “They mainly order and use for gravestones and monuments.”

There were handmade works beside construction products. Ani Galstyan presented pattern bottles, glasses, bracelets and other accessories, “I have presented today, but I mainly work for abroad as handmade products are not appreciated here may be for social or other reasons,”- said Ani Galstyan.