Kessab situation was discussed with US State Department officials

Yesterday Executive Director of Armenian Assembly of America Brian Arduny and Archbishop of Eastern Diocese of Armenian Church in US Vigen Aykazyan met US State Department officials for discussing present difficult situation at Armenian Community in Kessab. Archbishop Vigen Aykazyan was former President of the National Council of Churches and worked in the Consultative Assembly of Inter-Religious Dialogue and Cooperation adjacent to President Obama.

Several days before this meeting, the Assembly sent special letter to President Obama, where President Staff was called to take measures for Kessab Armenians protection and support. Particularly it was said in the letter, “We call President Obama to take necessary measures not only for protection of Christian Armenian Community of Kessab, but also all the minorities’ communities’ protection together with the UNO. We call President Obama to announce publicly that the US won’t tolerate its NATO ally policy of supporting extremist groups.”

During the meeting, the representatives of Armenian Assembly of America and Eastern Diocese expressed their opinion that the attack on Kessab, which leads peaceful life and is not involved in Syrian Civil war, is a vivid display of conflict sharpening by Muslim extremists.

At the same time, the Assembly welcomes RA Parliamentary Delegation’s visit to Latakia during this week, where Kessab Armenians found their shelter. This visit proves the importance of communities’ protection and union during difficult times.

This is informed by Assembly’s Press Service