Will Armenia decide the future of Russians?

“CU economical area showed that the platform, which is formed here, is very close to our economic system and development level,”- today at HHK second economical conference on “Armenia- the Customs Union, opportunities and challenges” topic announced Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan.

Prime Minister noted that Armenia has close allied relations with Russia and hasn’t built new relations on the place of those relations.

“We reject creation of relationship with any partner on the place of relationship with another,”- he said.

Prime Minister also turned to regional security issues. “During last five years qualitative changes have occurred within frames of CSTO. CSTO made such decisions, which strengthen our security provision guarantees. It is the most important component of our political decision,”- he said.

What refers to the loss of RA sovereignty if joining the CU, Prime Minister noted that Armenia will be presented as an equal member and its decisions will influence the field, which refers to the big market with 170 millions population.

Broadcasting by  ArmNews