Planting trees for protection from the enemy

On these days there is tree planting in Tavush region Chinary village. The reason for it is regular shots at the village from Azerbaijani side.

“We plant trees on village roads, in order trees grow and hide our village from enemy view,”- said to “A1+” the village head of Chinary Samvel Saghoyan.

We remind that yesterday in the evening Azerbaijani side started to shoot at Tavush region villages. About two hours there were shots towards Chinary, Movses, Aygepar and other villages. The roofs and windows of Chinary were damaged.

“They can shoot until they are tired,”- says the village head of Chinary and adds that our army is powerful and we are not afraid.

Yesterday from 17:00 till 10:10 Azerbaijani side also shot at Aygepar village. According to community head Andranik Aydinyan, now it is peaceful in the village and shots caused only financial damage to the village.

“I haven’t seen people yet, they are asleep, yesterday all entered basements for safety,”- noted Aydinyan.

According to Movses village head Ararat Avalyan, the enemy shot at Movses for 2 hours.

Fortunately, there are no injured, the damage is financial.

“The bullets broke the windows of the houses damaged roofs, walls and even doors,”- said Avalyan.