Raffi Hovannisian: Situation should be changed until the end of April

The rally organized by the opposition Heritage Party started at Yerevan’s Liberty square under the national anthem and in the rain.

“We are continuing our struggle,” Heritage leader Raffi Hovannisian said in his address. “The aim of this meeting is to express our wish to live in a sovereign and legal Armenia, call for extraordinary elections and make the government hand power to people. Our aim is to make this  a united square for everyone.”

Commenting on Armenia’s decision to vote against the UN resolution that declares the Crimea referendum and Russia’s annexation of the Crimea illegal, Mr Hovannisian said, “They were unable to abstain from voting on the resolution as did China and Kazakhstan.

“As long as the acting authorities are in power, we can forget about the international recognition of the Genocide, Artsakh sovereignty and territorial integrity. We can forget about environmental and national interests. Looting, inflation, sale of national property, gas and energy deals will continue unless the illegitimate authorities are unseated,” he said.

“The change of power should be started from the highest echelons. All those you believe in this imperative – be it an extra-parliamentary force, a freedom fighter, a peasant or a citizen – should join us and build a united square,” he said adding that the situation in the country should be changed until the end of April.