Will Hayrikyan join Raffi Hovannisian’s rally?

Leader of the Union for National Self-Determination (AIM), Paruyr Hayrikyan, is at Liberty Square with his supporters who are waving the flags of Armenia and European Union. Just a few steps away, Heritage party is preparing for its Friday rally.

Talking to A1+, Paruyr Hayrikyan said today’s rally will focus on Armenia’s vote against UN resolution that reaffirmed Ukraine’s territorial integrity and recognized as illegal the referendum in Crimea that led to the peninsula’s annexation by Russia.

“By voting against the anti-Russian resolution Armenia has appeared in the list of backward countries,” said Mr Hayrikyan.

Asked whether he was going to join the rally to be stage at the square by the Heritage party, Mr Hayrikyan said he ‘will back all reasonable claims and requirements.’

In the meantime, the adherents of Hovannisian’s Heritage party demanded that Hayrikyan remove from the square the EU flags.