Mamikon Khojoyan partly remembers the days in captivity

“Do not tie my feet”, “Do not hurt me!”

Mamikon Khojoyan, an Armenian national held in captivity in Azerbaijan for a month, frequently says these words…

Khojoyan’s daughter, Hasmik, says her father does not say any other sentences. She is the only person whom the 77-year-old recognizes. Hasmik Khojoyan says her father’s health condition is improving and he does not feel pain any longer. Besides, he can freely move his hands.

The 77-year-old resident of Verin Karmiraghbyur, a village in Armenia’s northeastern Tavush province bordering on Azerbaijan, crossed the border on January 28, 2014. He was returned to Armenia on March 4 under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross. The man was placed under the care of doctors in Ijevan town upon repatriation. There were traces of puncture on his head and ears, his ribs were damaged. He was probably injected toxic chemicals and given psychoactive drugs. There were also traces of firearms in his arm which proved that Khojoyan had been shot in captivity. To hide the traces, Azerbaijanis operated on Khojoyan but the surgery was unsuccessful.