SIS completes preliminary investigation over illegal gun obtaining

The Special Investigation Service of RA has completed the preliminary investigation by the criminal case, initiated under the 1st part of the 235th article of RA Criminal Code over illegal obtaining and keeping gun by the student of Police educational complex, junior sergeant of police G. G..

Preliminary investigation has revealed that in circumstances still not revealed by inquiry, G. G. illegally obtained and kept in his house-wagon a hand-made pistol, constituting a firearm with a rifled barrel, which was found by police officers on January 12, 2014.
G.G. was charged with the 1st part of the 325th article of RA Criminal Code.
The investigator, who has completed the preliminary investigation, handed the criminal case together with the indictment to the prosecutor, controlling the proceeding, for confirming it and sending to the court.

The person, who had manufactured, kept and sold the gun to G. G. is still unknown and there is no information, that he is a chief employee in legislative, executive or judicial powers of RA or is a person, executing special governmental service, therefore, a part of criminal case towards the unknown person, who had manufactured, kept and realized the gun, was separated in another production and sent according to jurisdiction for continuing preliminary inquiry, the SSS Press Service reports.