“I am against” won’t take part in Heritage meeting (video)

“Irrespective the CC decision tomorrow, if it is positive or negative, we will continue our fight. If it is negative, it doesn’t mean that we will stop our fight, we won’t pay 5 percent,”- said “I am against” initiative’s member Karen Hovhannisyan.

After CC’s negative decision there will be disobedience, assured Karen Hovhannisyan, “Today “I am against” is a whole public, a big mass, I don’t think that in case of disobedience the employers can dismiss all of them.”

The member of initiative welcomes all the actions, “How many actions there are, the possibility of the victory will be greater.”

We won’t take part in Heritage meeting tomorrow, “I am against” will do silent protest and won’t take part in another action,”- assured Mr. Hovhannisyan by adding that political powers don’t hinder their fight.

“This issue is political, it is political decision, but the struggle can’t be considered purely political, we don’t want to get power. In the future other issues also will be on our focus.”