18 billion dollars loan to Ukraine

The International Monetary Fund is committed to provide Ukraine 18 billion dollars loan, with which economic reforms must be done in the country.

According to the IMF, 14-18 billion dollars loans will be provided by it and with the support of international public the support to Ukraine in upcoming two years may reach 27 billion dollars.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, on Thursday made a speech in Ukrainian Parliament and said that without IMF demand on resources’ savings the country’s economy during this year can have 10 percent’s decline.

According to Yatsenyuk, Ukraine is at the edge of economic and financial crisis.

According to the message published by the IMF on Thursday, the recent economic policy in Ukraine has reduced the economic growth and foreign currency reserves have reached “dangerous low levels”.

The International Monetary Fund demands that as a result of reforms flexible exchange rates are formed in Ukraine, energy prices rise and “Naftogas” state big company of the energy sector is reorganized.

 Voice of America