Levon Zurabyan: “Geghamyan doesn’t have ideology” (video)

“If at least fascist state was created (the republicans- edt.),”- today to Artashes Geghamyan’s remark responded HAK party leader Levon Zurabyan.

Everything started, when turning to the reforms on the field of education Levon Zurabyan noted, that 80 percent of school directors are HHK members. With this rate Armenia yields only Nazi Germany. “In the Soviet Union the Communists among school directors were fewer than now HHK directors.”

HHK party member Artashes Geghamyan noted that Levon Zurabyan cites Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who said that Armenia is a fascist state. The reason for Geghamyan’s intervention, though, was previous citation from the “classics”- years ago Armen Ashotyan while criticizing opposition Artashes Geghamyan closed the topic by this words, “I lost my political virginity.”

Levon Zurabyan after Geghamyan’s reversal cleared to “A1+”, that he hasn’t said that Armenia is a fascist state, but said that it is totalitarian. According to Mr. Zurabyan, totalitarian systems have ideologies, Communism was typical to the Soviet Union, Nazism to Hitler’s Germany.

“There is no ideology in the Republican of Armenia, and if there is an ideology, it is plutocratic ideology, jointly robbing the country ideology, they have no other ideology, neither HHK, nor that man (Artashes Geghamyan- edt.), who opposed me.”- closed the topic Levon Zurabyan.