Protest at UNO office: “Kessab is ours, we are Kessab’s” (video)

Today UNO silence on Kessab events gathered dozens of citizens at the institution’s Armenian office. The reason for anger was the same, “We want from international public to give relevant estimation and make Turkey avoid war provocation and anti-Armenian actions.

UNO must create conditions that Kessab Armenians return to their residence.”- announced the organizer of the action, Dashnaktsutyun “Nikol Aghbalyan” students’ union department’s chairman Gerasim Vardanyan, to which the participants of the action responded, “Kessab is our, and we are Kessab’s.”

Dozens of Kessab Armenians took part in today’s action, “We express our anger to Turkey, who entered into alliance with the aggressor and tries to destroy Kessab’s small homeland,”- said Hovsep Paslikyan.

Action participant Kessab-Armenian student Shogher Melkonyan moved to Armenia 6 months ago and left her parents in Syria. According to her words, Turks attacked Armenian district suddenly, “It was in the morning, they were many, our relatives didn’t manage to take anything, they only rescued themselves.”

Other Kessab-Armenians in Armenia informed that their relatives are now in Latakia, “They are in very bad conditions, the church helps them and several charitable organizations. The Government takes care of them. We are also ready to help them.”

So Kessab-Armenians are sure that one day they will return to Syria, “Kessab has become a homeland for us, it is our birthplace, all our memories,”- said Shogher Melkonyan.

During today’s action, the protestors gave letter to the representatives of the UNO in Armenia, and they got answer from the organization, that the concerns of the letter will be passed to the heads of the UNO.