Armen Movsisyan: “Nairit” will be relaunched” (video)

Energy and Natural Resources Minister Armen Movsisyan promises that after some months “Nairit” factory will be relaunched. According to him, at the moment the negotiations with “Rosneft” are continuing.

“Nairit” is now in the phase of technical- theoretical justification works, which will be discussed and the road map will be clear,”- assured the Minister.

Mr. Movsisyan has announced that he has taken loans for giving the salaries of “Nairit” workers. Whether those loans later will be compensated from the state budget?: “Those loans have no connection with the state budget. Those loans will be involved in the project of relaunching.”

If the factory isn’t relaunced, who will close those loans, Minister Movsisyan announced with responsibility, “It will be surely relaunched.”

To the question what was the reason for the Executive’s decision today- to prolong Armenian Nuclear power plant energy block operation period until September, 2016, Armen Movsisyan noted: “It was conditioned by the geopolitical situation. But anyway, one way or another, it will be relaunched. For that we will take money from international donors.”

But why it wasn’t possible to take that money until today: “Economic crisis, the events in Fukushima delayed that process. There is some peace in that field now and that’s why we will try to reactivate those processes again.”

When Nuclear power plant’s second energy block will be built, and who will do it, Mr. Movsisyan assured, “We must build in upcoming 15 years and “Rosatom” will build.”