New accusation on Shant’s case? (video)

Shant Harutyunyan expressed classical disobedience. Today during press conference this was the opinion of Helsinki Citizens Assembly Vanadzor Office head Arthur Sakhunts. He thinks that during the trial there will be no mitigating judgment, for it the authorities have their reasons.

He noted that he doesn’t politicize Shant Harutyunyan’s trial, but it does the Government using Criminal Code for political intentions.

According to advocate Hovhannes Khocharyan, the accusations against his defendant and others are unreasoned. He also added that he doesn’t believe in the mitigating judgment, but vice versa, he is waiting for new accusations.

“It is much possible that during upcoming days investigation situation changes dramatically, that against some, so called, accused new charges are filed, which will be legally more obscure,”- noted Hovhannes Khocharyan.