Counterattack in the NA continues: Zurabyan to Ashotyan (video)

“Young in this hall, but, as he said, the minister, lost his political virginity at an early age, tried the whole day to introduce the suggested draft as a reform in the field of education. You haven’t done any reform in Education and Science field,”- HAK party head Levon Zurabyan noted in his speech.

According to the words of Mr. Zurabyan, all the steps of HHK authorities in the field of education have only one intention- to set total party control over educational institutions, “Gentlemen Republicans, you have never done a reform or an action for education development. All your actions- orders or phone calls, were directed to only one goal- in educational institutions- at schools, setting total party control,”- noted Zurabyan.

HAK party leader blamed the authors of the bill for being sloppy in the preparation process and for doing copy-paste, “In the law justifications, we find a sloppy sentence: “On the conditions of academic freedom and self-government right, the executive mostly has difficulty to respond fast changes in labor market.”

That’s where “dog’s head” is hidden, the biggest evil, against which Education and Science Ministry must fight. To this all your reforms are directed,”- said the deputy.

We remind that the NA continues the Government’s discussion on doing amendments in “Higher and Postgraduate education” law.