Several “I am against” posters have been lost: who will use them (video)

Tomorrow in front of the CC “I am against” initiative is going to have silent protest action, as it regards that institution.

“We will try not to disturb, we will have posters, where our words will be written,”- today in the conversation with journalists noted a member of the initiative Sevak Tsaturyan.

Silent action starts at 12:30.

Just at that moment the CC will discuss the issue of recognizing the mandatory component in the pension reforms anti-constitutional.

Besides the silent action, “I am against” doesn’t have any other action, it reminds that there are other actions, which have no connection with them.

The member of the initiative Grigor Petrosyan added with joke that it is possible that their posters appear during that action, as some of them were lost after the previous action.

David Manukyan says that it is a political issue, but they don’t want to politicize the movement, “The movement is civil, which solves a political issue.”